Real Madrid star Federico Valverde and his wife Mina Bonino were drugged and robbed during vacation in Ibiza

Real Madrid star Federico Valverde‘s wife Mina Bonino recently revealed on Instagram that they were drugged while on holiday in Ibiza and had nearly €10,000 in cash stolen from them.

“When we arrived on June 25 (local time), the cook was already there. He told me at that time that there was only one key and that he was going to take it with him so that the next day he can come back to make breakfast and not bother us. The next day I couldn’t even get up. I messaged Leslie(a friend) to take my son because everything was so upsetting for me. I felt terrible.”

“An hour later I go downstairs and see my three suitcases in the living room. There were my flip-flops lying around and Leslie was tidying everything up. She said to me: ‘Have you been looking for something?’ Since I was still drugged I must have laughed, I didn’t understand a damn thing and I continued with mine.”

“When we were all about to go to the beach I said, ‘I’m going to grab some money’. Already with the mesh, my glasses, ready and prepared to take the sun, I open my wallet and (it was) empty. There the cook appeared telling me that when he arrived he saw everything in a mess”.

When the real estate agent arrived, arguing that the couple might be suffering from food poisoning from the chef’s food, they were asked to go to the hospital for tests to find out whether their blood contained cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, amphetamines or antidepressants. ingredients, the results showed they were negative. But he didn’t give them a good answer about the whereabouts of the money.

She concluded:
“We spent our first day in the hospital. Federico threw up and we were robbed by someone who saw me sleeping naked, which disturbs me the most.”

After the incident, the couple had to make temporary changes to where they were vacationing. They were only in Ibiza for two weeks.

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